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Supplier Information:

Run Hard Trucking Gear carefully selects suppliers and partners. Not only must the price be fair, but Run Hard Trucking Gear items are "Forged in America". This means that our jackets, vests, and luggage are the most rugged, well-constructed longest-lasting products that we can find. Let me prove it to you.

Cotton Duck Jackets and bibs:
Our top quality cotton duck jackets are proudly manufactured in the Heartland of America. While jackets that are carefully constructed by American craftsman are rare these days, we feel it is very special that our supplier is a family owned company has been providing rugged workwear since 1907! You can bet they are ready for the challenges of the road.

Canvas and Leather Luggage/Briefcases/Duffels:
In 1882 our legendary luggage supplier first patented the famous "Duluth Pack". While there weren't many truck drivers then, there were plenty of explorers, travelers, trappers and adventurers. Like you, they could count on the reliability and legendary quality of these hand sewn packs, bags, and luggage. Owning our luggage makes you part of an American tradition that started well over 100 years ago! While we can't say that your Run Hard Trucking Gear duffel will last over 100 years, we can say that the original pack can still be seen in Duluth, MN!

Woolen Outerwear:
In 1920 our vest manufacturer began to supply the logging industry with what we feel are the finest wool garments available. Logging is tough work and these garments were up to the task. 83 years later the same family owned company brings us the Run Hard Trucking Gear vest. These vests have taken on the northwoods of Minnesota and they are ready to take on the Big Road as well.